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irectly supervising your child’s learning can be a positive family experience. Parents who choose homeschooling enjoy spending quality time with their children. San Diego Neighborhood Homeschools offers a free TK-12 Public Charter Homeschool Program consisting of small Resource Centers in Oceanside and Chula Vista.


Glad you found us on a map, a Google search, a magazine, or just good ol’ word of mouth. We are a small friendly homeschool program. Our Teachers will help you navigate through any curriculum that we have or whatever you select, that fits with your own personal style and beliefs.

Check out our FAQ’s.

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Please download our registration form from our friendly neighborhood website under the forms tab. Enroll today and carry out books, supplies and a smile. You will be starting to homeschool your children at their own pace and style.

Now,what do I need to enroll my children?

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Give us a call and ask us questions over the phone if you like. You can also set an appointment for an orientation to see how our homeschool will work out for you and your children.

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South County
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